A domain names are used to identify resources on the internet.

From a business perspective, it is part of your virtual presence. A domain name can be used to make your e-mail address, a address to your webpage, or even to point to another machine or other resource.

Why own a domain name?

Having your own domain, gives a more professional appearance to your website and e-mail. You wouldn’t go to work or a job interview on your pajamas, would you? Most people would dress nicely to make a good impression. So why not care for your appearance on when you are trying to make a digital presence?

Let’s compare two following scenarios:

  1. You own a domain:

Website: www.mybusinessname.com
E-mail:[email protected]

  1. You don’t own a domain:

Website: www.***site.com/mybusinessname
E-mail:[email protected] (or [email protected]***mail.com

I wouldn’t be surprised if most people think that the scenario 1 (own a domain) not only gives a more professional appearance to the business,  but it also shows more credibility as the business shows signs of being better structured and stablished.